About Us

We import the best.
We serve to the best.

Dishtravel Reserve reserves the best products from Italy. We import them to Hong Kong directly, wholesale to Michelin Stars restaurants, Top hotels and restaurants in Hong Kong. We try our best to keep our price low, so everyone can try the best food in the world.

We travel a lot. We go to different small towns with good food around the world. We work very hard and try to provide the travel reservation to our customers. 

We are growing!

250 +
Imported Products
Travel Reservations
4 +
Worldwide Partners
We visit different places in the world, bringing the best to home, and reserve the best to our lovely friends.

Our History

Dishtravel Reserve (www.dishreserve.com). was launched at 2019/11, providing reservation and import product from different countries.

Base on Dishtravel (www.dishtravelmedia.com)., we provide information of hidden scenic location around the world, and cooperate with them. Readers can use our service to order and reserve.

At the moment, Dishtravel Reserve includes hotels, restaurants, activities, car rental, dried food products, wines from Japan, Italy, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Dishtravel Reserve and Dishtravel Media belongs to Dishtravel Integrated Media (www.dishim.com). Dishtravel Integrated Media is the property of Cubic Vision Interactive Technology Company Limited.

All the food and wine are carried by Abrate & Sons LTD. Dishtravel Reserve is responsible to the website design, ordering system, social media.

  • Fresh Cheese
  • Italian Wine
  • Fresh Truffle
  • Pasta
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
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